Bays Youth Community Trust values young people, and provides programmes, mentoring and services that focus on positive early intervention and support for 11-24 year old youth and their families.

We believe that empowering young people supports them to discover their potential, which helps enrich our communities. Healthy young people and healthy families, lead to healthy communities.

Our objective is to provide life skills for young people irrespective of ethnicity, socio-economic circumstances or religious persuasion, with vision to enable them to see a bright future and enhance their success in life. Staff and trustees have shared faith and values that drives and motivates a pursuit of social justice through supporting our society’s most vulnerable.

bays youth staff team

Governance and staff jointly value:

  • Human life and potential
  • Community well-being, belonging and involvement
  • Respect for society and the law
  • The transforming power of positive mentoring relationships
  • Recognition of cultural and religious diversity
  • Personal character and responsibility
  • Importance of family/whānau relationships

Meet the Team

John Snape

Deputy General Manager