Caleb’s Story

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Caleb’s story (name changed for confidentiality) is an example of how getting comfortable with our other services can enable a young person to venture into counselling. Caleb had engaged with our mentoring services and experienced a positive connection. This strengthened his ability to trust others and opened a door for the deeper work of counselling to begin.

In meeting Caleb we explored what brought him to counselling, and set goals for our work together. Caleb had recently moved schools, had been getting into trouble and had difficulty maintaining peer connections. During our sessions we explored the challenges of staying out of trouble, and worked towards preferred ways of being that were in keeping with the kind of person Caleb wanted to be. For Caleb, moving schools and receiving counselling provided the chance to start afresh and leave trouble behind. Exploring further, we discovered that Caleb struggled with anxiety and low self‐esteem. He hoped to become more confident both in himself and in relationships.

Through counselling, Caleb’s self-awareness and his awareness of other people increased, and his ability to trust others grew. As his confidence increased we developed strategies for him to reach his goals. Having experienced our wrap‐around‐service, Caleb commented on how easy it was to connect with his mentor and counsellor, which helped him to develop positive connections with others.

“Before I came to Bays I was struggling with anxiety and was not wanting to try new things or get involved with other people. I had trouble trusting people and this resulted in me struggling to build and maintain friendships… since I came to Bays I have developed lots of new social skills to help me be more trusting of people and to have better friendships… I am more confident in trying new things, and have been more involved in a range of different activities. Overcoming these things and going through Bays has helped me immensely in many aspects of life and has set me up for a better future.”