Alternative Education

Alternative Education

“It’s a better learning environment for me. You get to know everyone better; Everyone looks out for each other and there’s no bullying.”

Bays Youth Education Centre provides alternative education in a safe and nurturing environment. It is targeted at youth for whom mainstream schooling has been unable to cater to their specific needs. The centre benefits from an experienced, multidisciplinary staff team drawn from professional teachers, trainers and counsellors.

Students are enrolled in Te Kura, the correspondence school, and focus on four key subjects: English, Mathematics, Pathways/Transition and Home Economics or Arts. Bays Youth believes this combination of subjects will provide key skills that will help students with their future endeavours. As students progress throughout the year there is an opportunity to change some of these subjects and pick up subjects that are of particular interest to them.

In addition, we also teach life skills, health and physical, and outdoor education courses in which the students are able to gain credits. As a small, flexible team we also have the ability to tailor individual student curricula that reflect the personal interests of students, for example, music, art, or cooking. 

Outcomes for Education clients:

  • To provide a relevant and meaningful programme that engages young people in a supportive environment
  • Assist students to develop life skills that increase a sense of self-worth and positive future goals
  • Support students to gain 80 Level One credits (including key literacy and numeracy credits)
  • Successfully transition students into future education/vocational training or into the workforce